Weber's Lady Guinevere of Mill Creek, CGC, RN, CD, is our dam. Lady is very laid back and friendly. She loves retrieving and swimming, and mastering Open exercises.

About Lady

Lady, Merlin, Bushy Boy

Breeding Goldens for family pets

About Bushy Boy

Mill Creek's Mr. Bushy Boy, RN, BN, CGCA, CD, was our pick of Merlin and Lady's puppies. Bushy is super-affectionate. He loves retrieving and swimming, and is a Therapy Dog.

Sir Merlin of Liberty Run, CGC TDN, is our sire. Merlin is a high-energy dog, and very devoted to his family. He loves retrieving, swimming, and mastering Rally and Agility exercises.

About Merlin

Mill Creek Goldens

Welcome to Mill Creek Goldens! We specialize in breeding Golden Retriever dogs for family pets. We are located in Old Bridge, NJ. Our Dam is Lady, our Sire is Merlin, and their puppy is Bushy Boy. Our dogs are AKC-registered, healthy, athletic, and obedient.


Gerry and Barbara Davit, owners of Mill Creek Goldens, have been working with dogs for over 20 years. We have had much positive feedback from the families who bought Bushy Boy's brothers and sisters. Lady is expecting a litter of puppies in October.