Lady's first and only litter was born in 2012.  She gave birth to 11 healthy pups. We did not breed her again until 2015. The present litter will be the last from the Merlin-Lady line.

Captions for pictures above are as follows, from left to right:

  • Lady and her litter of 4-week old puppies
  • Merlin welcomes Bushy Boy
  • Entire litter, 7 weeks old, says hello!

Our puppies were raised in our home and as part of the family. We often handled them and gave them frequent play periods with their siblings. Once they were several weeks old, we exposed them to baths/grooming, crate training and paper training. When they were 6 weeks old, we introduced them to our children and grandchildren and the great outdoors of our backyard.

The puppies that we provide to our clients will have had all their deworming treatments and their first set of vaccinations. The crate training that we provide will help with housebreaking.

Lady, Merlin, and Bushy Boy received hip X-rays which were evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). All three have normal hips and are free of dysplasia.

Mill Creek Goldens